A Child's Dream Concert at Benaroya Hall benefiting Ukraine's largest children's hospital, Ohmatdit

Ukrainian Chamber Orchestra night at Benaroya Hall on May 25,2024

Refuse to Quit along with our Ukrainian partner, Nataliya Luckyanova and the Humanity Fund have raisied money to support the remodel of the Aqua Therapy Center in Ukraine’s largest Children’s hospital, Ohmatdit.


At 8:00 pm on May 25th, you’re in for a rare treat if you head to Benaroya Hall.  A Child’s Dream is Peace. The Chamber Group of the Kyiv Classic Orchestra will take the audience through the richness and versatility of Ukrainian musical culture. Their music will fight the violent sounds of war with the whole kaleidoscope of Ukrainian musical traditions and diversity, reflecting the bright and colorful aspects of Ukrainian lives, identity, and culture. The music will include folklore melodies, internationally recognized Ukrainian classical pieces as well as recent modern and original compositions by young Ukrainian composers.

Meeka Quan DiLorenzo's performance of a world-famous Bach composition will exemplify the solidarity of the American people with Ukrainians’ fight for freedom, democracy, and peace.

 Allen Vizzutti, Seattle based and world renown American trumpeter, composer, and music educator will make a guest appearance.  He’ll play his own composition on the flugelhorn called “Love & Tears For Ukraine”. His expression of sadness and hope for Ukrainian children and families through the power of music.

 This unique concert is hosted by The Humanity Funds and The Seattle Series and is sponsored by Benaroya Hall. All proceeds and support will benefit Ukraine’s largest Children Hospital, Ohmatdit.

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